What I Have So Far…….

I find crocheting rather relaxing.

Well, once I decide what I want to crochet and if I have the right yarn or thread, that is.

So here are some things I have on hand ready to ship off to whomever would like to purchase them. Or just look and then create your own.

First up are my potholders/hot pads or just decorations on hooks. These colorful lovelies are $5.00 for one or 2 for $7.00. Shipping is $6.95.

As you can probably guess, I just love The Pioneer Woman dishes and colors.  The above items are made with cotton yarn.

Next I have two (2) sets of placemats. White cotton thread with either a yellow border or a light aqua border.  Or you could mix and match. There are 4 placemats to a set. These go for $25.00 for a set of four. $6.95 for shipping.

And lastly I have 1 (one) pure white baby blanket. Measures 28.5″ by 31.5″ and made with acrylic yarn. This blanket is $35.00 and $7.95 for shipping.

I did not have a baby to model so the bear and manatee will have to do…….

And that is all I have so far. Please comment or email (simplicateb@gmail.com) me with questions.

You can also go to my Square site to order.

And PLEASE do not take my photos for your use without permission. Thank you.

Simply Yours,

Cate B

A Little Bit of Me

Hello To You All!

Welcome to my site, Simply Cate B.

This is a site for my creative juices to flow and hopefully you’ll like what you see and even want to purchase something.

I LOVE to crochet. I will display my wares here for you to get your own ideas or, as I stated above, for you to purchase mine.

I also will take special orders.

You may even see some of my videos (I am a bit of a ham) on life tips or my baking endeavors – whether I succeed or fail……

Please note: any of my crocheted items are mine to sell and you can make your own. I may not have instructions available due to the fact that I have a tendency to change the instructions a little bit and never seem to write it down. Sorry about that.

So enjoy! And I would love to hear about your creativity.


Cate B

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